About Our Company

Actors AS was established by Paul Magnar Øverby in 2018 to offer consulting services focused on aiding clients in their implementation of digital business.

Digital Business is an exponential increase of production in a historically short term. It is the fourth such industrial revolution, where the latter came with information and communication technology (ICT). With digitalization, business execution is no longer just supported by ICT, but rather ICT is the business – every business, and most products fully or partly. Read more about it in our blogpost: “What is Digitalization”.

The company name “Actors” refers to the actor model, which is a conceptual take on distributed programming, that some say will take over for object-oriented programming when the need to scale beyond Moors law becomes pressing.

Actors AS operates under the brand Actors Consulting and delivers expertise within the current wave of technology driven revolution, namely digitalization. Key capabilities being Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, Data Management, Identity and Access Management, Bimodal IT and Hybrid Integration, all of which makes the foundation of a digital platform. Read more about the key ingrediences of digital business in our blogpost on this topic.

Our mission is digital business guidance, helping our customers find their way in what has rapidly become a jungle of digitalization offerings. With a practical approach we focus on the short-term actions that brings actual business value along the roadmap towards a new level of mass production.

Actors join the forth-sighted Steven Lisberger in the vision of a digital frontier to reshape the human condition.