Data Management, a Pillar of Digital Business

The Information Technology (IT) pendulum is turning from technology towards information, and data management is one of the 7 key ingredients of digital business that I focused on in my previous blogpost. It is no coincidence that these map to the phases of enterprise architecture frameworks, such as the TOGAF architecture delivery model's: vision, business, … Continue reading Data Management, a Pillar of Digital Business

Software 2019

Konferanse-rapport fra utvalgte foredrag Tilbake på kontoret etter to dager på årets "Software 2019" konferanse i i regi av den Norske dataforening. Inspirerende presentasjoner og erfaringsdeling av representative foredragsholdere fra Norsk næringsliv og offentlig sektor, som jeg gjerne vil dele noen høydepunkt fra. Dr. John Markus Lervik, Cognite "Overgang fra spesialsøm til bærekraftig programvare" Dr. … Continue reading Software 2019

The Next Level of Virtualization

Digitalization won the semantic games in the run for the fourth industrial revolution. But let's say we call it virtualization for a minute, just for fun and some change. ("Forandring fryder" as we say in Norway.) History repeats itself, and so does our behavior, influencing the patterns we impose on our business. Many of you … Continue reading The Next Level of Virtualization

Key ingredients of Digital Business

When you have understood the importance of getting started with digitalization, but you're still not entirely confident on which way to turn next? Or you have already initiated the first steps towards digital business, and would like confirmation that you are moving in the right direction? In this post I will share some pointers based … Continue reading Key ingredients of Digital Business

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Let me introduce myself. My name is Paul Magnar Øverby, and I've consulted in architecture with integration focus at enterprise level, for many years. During this time, I have experienced first-hand how important both integration and enterprise architecture capabilities are when it comes to enabling digital business. At the same time, … Continue reading The Journey Begins