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Actors offer Digital Business consulting – the complete architectural & development skillset necessary to succeed with digital transformation

Digital Platform

Actors offer consultancy in all facets of the digital platform reference archtiecture on a hybrid and bimodal level, both conceptually and technologically

The digital platform is the backbone of any operative digital business. It ensures that everything is connected and integrated in a secure manner, so that data can be enriched across business domains, and offered in a service oriented manner as qualitative information sources for automation and innovation.

Enterprise Architecture

Actors offer enterprise architecture consultancy, weather as a guide in digital transformation, establishing an enterprise architecture governance model and center of excellence, temporary acting enterprise architect, or extra capacity to the EA team

Digitalization is a enterprise wide endevour, and as such it must involve all parts of the organization in order to tear down the silos, and unite in digtial business. That is why enterprise architecture is one, if not the most important capabilities in the undertaking of digital transformation.

Integration Architecture

Actors offer consultancy in all aspects of integration architecture, from modern cloud based integration as a service, to traditional enterprise application integration

The fuel for digital business is information, and in order to succeed with digital transformation, all information sources must be connected and integrated securely in a hybrid architecture. Further on integration tooling, services and patterns are core components of modern solution architecture.

Process Optimization and Automation

Actors offer consultancy on business process management. Modeling, optimization and automation of existing business processes. Analytics and business KPI-meassurement feedback loops and the innovation of new business processes across existing business domains – empowering the user experiences og digital business

The business process is the core of the valuechain and the gravity of attention for the enterprise. Digital transformation is all about business, and the target state of digital business. The business process dictates the information needed, and its domain data model. In digital business, the business model and the business architecture sets the standard and dictates the rules of what can be done. What cannot be done, is a matter of customer requirements and satisfaction, not the technical limitations of supplier software.

Data Management

Actors offer consultancy in data management architecture, patterns, implementation models, information modeling and database technology for SQL, NoSQL for on-premises and multi-cloud scalable deployment

When you manage your data properly, you get information. Weather it is master/reference data, structured data, unstructured data, timeseries data, transactional data, operational data or sensor data (IoT)- it is all the basis of digitalization, and needs to be managed accordingly so that it has value as information to service the business.

API Management

Actors offers consultancy in API Management and its usage as the enterprise service catalog on top of the digital platform architecture

API Management provides the core capabilities to publish, secure, analyze, monitor and manage service APIs, and ensure a successful Enterprise Service Catalog. The Enterprise Service Catalog works as a gateway between business and IT. It exposes features and information for intuitive usage, enables self service, automation and innovation – while abstracting users from the underlying technological complexity.

Full-stack Development

Actors offers full-stack development to ensure the proper realization of user experience, designed and built upon a backend that is in line with the clients digital platform target architecture

Full-stack development is the expertise necessary to build the complete stack of an end-user facing digital solution, including both the front end (the visible features that users interact with) and the back end (the behind-the-scenes processes and data storage). In such a way that the frontend satisfies the requirements for user experience (including look & feel, user friendliness, functionality and flexibility) and the backend does the heavy-lifting that serves the client side in a way that is robust, secure and scalable – fulfilling the target architecture and principles.
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